These are a few of my favourite things…

1.Having ZERO clue what is going on. My kiswahili is slowly getting better but I have a hard time keeping up. I was assisting with a soap project that was teaching income generating skills to some girls a couple weeks ago — I don’t need to tell you that I still don’t have any idea of how to actually make soap!


2. Church parties (probably just regular church in Tanzania) but I LOVE the dancing and singing!!

The video wouldn’t upload 😦 but imagine a lot of clapping and laughing sounds

3. Cooking at work!!! We have everything from pumpkin to popcorn to ugali!

4. Football! I still don’t know the rules but I love that it brings the community together!! (over 1000 people some games – it’s AWESOME!)


5. Fabulous friends who keep me laughing

Mother’s Day Brunch

6. Riding in trucks – or any other vehicle really. I should have been a dog! There’s something pretty great about cruising around Mara Region, especially at sunset!


7. Impromptu selfies

8. No words needed!


9. Running…I always thought that I probably look ridiculous running but the finger pointing and the belly laughs have confirmed it. “Silly muzungu running in this heat!!” (My interpretation of what people are saying. I only know the words for muzungu and running…)

10. Have I mentioned friends? Honestly, they are the very best part of being in Tarime and each of them make up my actual top 10 of favourites!!



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