Human Rights & Solidarity

This is my third year leading a team in VIDEAs Global Solidarity Challenge, but it feels pretty different this time around. Yes, I want to raise money for an organization that I personally think does really good work (and continues to offer me employment, which is also great) but I also want to take a moment to thank the people who have done more than just talk about human rights over the last year. You have taught me so much. Asante sana!!

Human rights need to be fought for! We need to lobby our leaders and demand better  for our vulnerable citizens both in Canada, as well as internationally. While protests and picket lines are important and definitely have their place, sometimes all of that can feel too big or too overwhelming. Some days we need the person next to us to really see us and recognize the humanity in each one of us. Opening up your home, regardless of how little you have, is one way that I have seen Tanzanians tell people that they matter. So, while I will continue to find ways to be an advocate, this year I am choosing to make a lifestyle change that goes beyond the one week that makes up the Global Solidarity Challenge. This year, in honour of the amazing, hospitable people who have welcomed me into their homes over the past year, I am trying to be more like them!! So, it looks like I will be cooking a lot of meals in the foreseeable future 🙂





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